About us

  1. Activity
    LOGNESS develops advanced and innovative technologic solutions essential for the industrial development to optimize the logistic procedure management with special attention to the decision-making and distribution strategies.
  2. History
    LOGNESS is a academic spin-off of the University of Genoa and it is born in 2010 thanks to an initiative of some researchers that adhered to the UNI.T.I project (UNIVERSITY, Technological Transfer, Enterprises) realized by “Sviluppo Italia Liguria” and University of Genoa and financed by the Italian Ministry of the Economical Development.
  3. Mission
    LOGNESS aims at transferring the activities of research and development of the University in the enterprise sectors in order to apply the capabilities and the specialized skills of its staff.
  4. Headquarter
    LOGNESS has set up its headquarters within the modern structures of the university campus in Savona because it believes in technology transfer aimed at improving the competitiveness and dynamism of business customers.